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myDNA is an international pioneer in genetic testing and pharmacies in Canada who are offering this enhanced service are at the forefront of personalised medicine. Joining as a pharmacy is easy.  Learn more.

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myDNA uses a simple cheek swab to analyse a patient's genetic profile. The test is ordered by the accredited pharmacy and then the results are sent to the patient, nominated health care professionals and accessible through a secure portal. Learn more.

Offering myDNA in your pharmacy

It's simple to start offering myDNA testing at your pharmacy. The Pharmacy manager confirms the pharmacy contact details, nominates staff members who undertake comprehensive myDNA training and that's it. Learn more.

Recent news

DNA Testing Gaining Ground in BC Pharmacies

There are now more than 60 pharmacies that offer myDNA kits in Canada. This commercialized version of pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing hit the market this summer thanks to a joint venture between the British Columbia Pharmacy Association’s commercial entity RxOME Pharmacogenomics Canada Inc. and myDNA Life Australia, a company that offers PGx testing. Read more. 

Pharmacogenomics in Community Pharmacy

Imagine if before taking a medication, you could walk into your local pharmacy and take a test that could accurately predict whether the medication would work for you and the dosage best suited to you—all based on your DNA. More than 60 pharmacies in Canada are now providing that service. Read more. 

In the news

DNA test takes guesswork out of prescriptions (CTV News)

Jan 30, 2018 - Pharmacies in B.C. are offering up a new DNA test that can take the guesswork out of prescribing drugs. myDNA helps pharmacists ensure patients are getting the right dose and most effective medication for their unique genetic makeup. Read more.

Getting the most out of your medication

Nov 28, 2017 - With a simple swipe of your cheek, pharmacists now have the ability to know how your body processes medications. The service, called 'My DNA', is available in Prince George through the Phoenix Dispensary. Read more.

Cutting-edge DNA testing now at B.C. pharmacies (CHEK-TV)

Nov 21, 2017 - When you need medication, finding the right prescription and the right dose can take a lot of trial and error because everyone processes medication differently. But now there's a new DNA test available at some pharmacies on Vancouver Island that maps a patient's unique genetic profile to determine how their body will react to certain drugs. Read more.

New DNA test helps determine how you react to meds

Nov 21, 2017 - CTV News Vancouver Island Video Clip. Watch now.

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RxOME is a joint venture between the BC Pharmacy Association and myDNA, a genetic testing and interpretation service provider. Together these companies aim to make pharmacogenomic testing and interpretation services available to Canadians through community pharmacies. Empowered with this genetic information, Canadians, with their pharmacist's help will be able to make better informed decisions about their medications, health and wellness.

If you are a Canadian pharmacy interested in becoming an accredited myDNA provider or if you are a Canadian interested in learning more about the myDNA test please contact us below.

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